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Preliminary Study Findings

Transport Demand Forecast

The Government proposes a list of possible solution spaces to address the medium to long-term land shortage. As such, the Study focuses on assessing the transport demand and traffic impact arising from the population growth, employment and economic activities in the Northern Metropolis, Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands and other major planned developments.

The railway and major road network in Hong Kong will be largely adequate to meet the forecast transport demand in the short to medium term up to 2041, and most of the existing and anticipated bottlenecks will be alleviated. However, in the long term, the transport demand for east-west connection within the Northern Metropolis, north-south connection between the Northern Metropolis and the Harbour Metropolis, as well as the external connection for Tsueng Kwan O would remain large.

Preliminary Recommendations

The Study makes the preliminary recommendation of taking forward three strategic railways and three major roads. The three recommended strategic railways are Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Rail Link (Hung Shui Kiu – Qianhai), Central Rail Link and Tseung Kwan O Line Southern Extension, whilst the three recommended major roads are Shatin Bypass, Northern Metropolis Highway and Tseung Kwan O-Yau Tong Tunnel.