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Study Objectives and Principles


The Major Transport Infrastructure Development Blueprint up to and beyond 2046 will be formulated in the Study

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Create development capacity, connect New Development Areas to the transport infrastructure network, and increase the coverage of railway and major road network

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Enhance connections between districts, improve accessibility and resilience of the railway and major road network, and increase commuting options

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Divert traffic of the existing railways and major roads, and improve traffic conditions

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Drive Development

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Strengthen Connection

提高效能 (綠色)

Improve Efficiency


The Study has adopted the “infrastructure-led” and “capacity-creating” principles to ensure the planning of major transport infrastructure could cater for or even reserve capacity to meet the transport demand of long-term land development in Hong Kong.

Infrastructure-led Principle

Infrastructure-led Principle

To meet the transport demand arising from the new development areas in a timely manner, the Study adopted “infrastructure-led” planning principle in taking forward transport infrastructure projects.

Capacity-creating Principle

Capacity-creating Principle

The “capacity-creating” principle has also been adopted for strategic transport infrastructure planning in the Study to appropriately create capacity for the long-term development of Hong Kong.


  1. Analyse the long-term domestic and cross-boundary transport demands, with a view to forecasting the future traffic performance and change in transport demand up to and beyond 2046.
  2. Explore and investigate new railways and major roads, carry out preliminary engineering technical assessment and preliminary environmental review on the conceptual alignment for the new strategic railway and major road proposals, and based on the above, consolidate the preliminary recommended railway and major road proposals for public consultation.
  3. After consolidating the opinions collected from the public during the public consultation, the conceptual alignment of major transport infrastructures will be enhanced, for making amendments on the proposals and formulating a more effective Major Transport Infrastructure Development Blueprint for Hong Kong.